Cosmic Dog Curtains

It is important in life to make time for varied projects.

Dog curtains come under this heading...

This was also, excitingly, the first time I've screen printed anything in about a decade, turns out it is either easy or I am wildly talented (second one)

I'm baaaaack!

I appreciate you hadn't realised i'd left.

BUT I've had no internet so for once have a vaguely legitimate reason for not posting anything, or visibly doing anything. I have been busy though, complaining to BT, putting up fences, this and that.

Anyway, back to it now. I'll gradually upload some of the things I've been working on over the last few internet less-weeks, and get back to posting.

In other exciting news I'll soon have a roof on my studio.




Oh my..

It seems to have been over a month! In my limited defence our internet has been appalling and I have been working on a secret thing that may or may not pay off so I have little to show for my time, BUT I will soon, honest...


A bit of progress on a piece that I started aaaaages ago. This is the problem with a)self initiated work that has no deadline and b)living in a beautiful place that people like visiting.

Not that I don't love visitors, but it does very little for ones productivity...



A little life drawing...

Went again to the brilliant life drawing in Crackington, Cornwall. Did some charcoal stuff to loosen up then tried again with procreate. Love it for my illustrations, growing to love it for this, a lot of new mark making to learn, getting there though!



Drawing the past

I used to be a costume designer, many moons ago, so it's nice sometimes to draw some clothes and what not. 


These chaps are in a bit of a state of flux,  both because I haven't finished with them, but also because I'm not quite sure how alive they are... 

The finished piece will I hope be finished by early next week to coincide with a certain date, so k must plug away, but here is a little of their conception to tide you over. 



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En Plein Air

This morning, myself and my lovely (hairy, bee eating) assistant. We walked up on to Bodmin Moor, and sat and drew for a bit, Bridie protected my from small insects, children and hikers, whilst merrily ignoring cattle and sheep. There are pros and cons to this dog...

I got stung A LOT but It was pretty lovely, and I was pleased in the end with the drawing.

That will show up on here soon, but for the meantime, here's that dog guarding my things...



I'm everywhere these days...

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