I'm everywhere these days...

So, as of this moment I am pretty much literally (not actually literally) everywhere (selected places online and physically just in this one small bit of Cornwall really...).

So if you haven't already, come and follow/like/tweet/poke ect. me in the following places:

Twitter @SamHortonDesign

Instagram @SamHortonDesign

Tumblr at tumblr.com/SamHortonDesign

Society6 where you can BUY MY STUFF at Society6.com/SamHortonDesign

Cargo collective at cargocollective.com/SamHortonDesign

Facebook at, unsurprisingly Facebook/SamHortonDesign

And, if you can track me down, right here.



I could have saved your poor eyes and got you to just to click on the various icons at the top of the page, but... well I've typed it now, so you'll just have to put up with me.

The point of all this presence is to engage with anybody who would like to, so please do get in touch!